Hi, I'm Lisa Clemens...and before you start writing a check to that name, know that that's a pen name. Yep, I have to for work purposes. Other than my assumed persona, I'm 100% real—I'm a fortyish wife with too many books to read on my (day job) work desk. Lisa Clemens is both mine and my hubby's first names, btw.

Hooked on Romance

Uhuh. I have been, since sixth grade. My first romance read was Barbara Conklin's PS I Love You from the Sweet Dreams series. Before that, I've read every Hardy Boys, Asterix and Tin Tin serials. I do read non-romance suspense thrillers but romance novels win, hands down, if you make me choose to dive into something during my down time.

I've probably read hundreds and hundreds—maybe thousands, I don't know—of romance novels in every genre imaginable since I started at age 12. And because of that, friends, family and the occasional acquaintance (sometimes a stranger I meet in the romance aisle of my favorite bookshop) ask for a recommended read. We end up spending the next hour or so discussing the merits of such and such author, serials, and bestsellers. Sometimes, I find myself repeating the same monologue over and over again to everyone who asks so I thought about sending them a draft of it to read in their own time.

Then I realized, why not blog about what I read so they'll have a chance to explore the many titles that I've loved over the years as well as those of others' on the ginormous worldwide web?

Hence, the Smexin' Shelf blog. (If my romance shelf gets any more smokin' hot, hubby's gonna keep it out of the house!)

You'll find my take on the romances I've read—both old and new titles—and the authors who wrote them. I'll also be throwing in romance reading notes, and stuff on (what else?) romance and relationships in the real world. As the blog gets older, you might find reviews requested by authors...but that's if it catches. If not...we'll see, heh.

Once in a wee while, you might find personal asides—rants, raves, and whatchamacallits—as well as blog stuff. Bear with me when I do, please. ;) Makes life sane once in a while.

The Smexin' Bookshelf

I've got lots of favorite authors and titles. I might just decide to write about them and impose my views on the rest of you. Again, please bear with me when I do that. I can get mighty opinionated and selfish sometimes.

But I digress... I do still love Barbara Cartland and Johanna Lindsey, so you might guess I tend towards historicals. Still, I read a broad range of romance titles. The variety keeps me grounded—did I tell you I have a tendency to daydream? Drives my wonky friends nuts during roundtable discussions, heh.

Lately, I discovered paranormal and erotic romance. My Kindle's still sizzling, but what the H! They make my reading life hot, fun and awesomely interesting.

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