29 January 2014

What's Your Love Personality?

So I was watching Dr. Helen Fisher—my new hero!—again, at TED.com and she let slip that she was the “Chemist” behind a dating site.

There, you'll immediately be greeted by a free personality test. You'll give some information on age, gender and, yes, your email. But I was so curious (Cat being my middle name) that I signed up and went through the Q&A for the short quiz. I think it was developed by Dr. Fisher herself.

In any case, I found out that I'm (A.) primarily a Negotiator, and (B.) then an Explorer. (Surprise! Surprise! Must be the curiosity, hee.) These types are what influences me the most, so says the result.

When they dig deeper into what each personality type meant, it gave me the creeps. The results were so dead on about me, even the things that I need to watch out for, that my goosebumps had goosebumps!

So many angles to an issue that I become indecisive. Check.

Could be gullible. Check.

When betrayed is difficult to forgive or forget. Check.

Creepy, I say!

What I like about the result is that it says I'm imaginative. I've to agree. The primary reason why I don't watch movies so much, it's because when I read my romance stories, it's like watching live action, full color cinema with the sweeping cinematography and evocative mood music! Much more enjoyable and satisfying, eh?

And yes, I'm the Big Picture sort of gal. No surprise there. And intuitive. And a synthesizer (not the musical instrument, heh).
Then we get to the Explorer part of my personality. Which only reinforces my Negotiator persona. Curious. Creative. Open-minded. And impulsive! Don't forget that.
Here's what the other personality types are like:
When it comes to love, I don't know if there's some voodoo in the personality test but that's me to a T.

Die-hard romantic. (I love happy ever afters hence my obsession with romances.)

Heart-to-heart exchanges. (Good thing Hubby isn't the type to be alarmed when I ask deeply personal questions, trying to see how his mind works.)

Sensitive to my mate. (So much that sometimes, Hubby is creeped out. Or maybe, it's just a wife who knows too much about her hubby's tells that there's too few secrets he can keep. Ha!)
And here's a few choice words about the Negotiator/Explorer persona:
You want to know what your persona is and how you are when in love? Mosey on over to Chemistry.com to check it out.  (I'm NOT an affiliate, btw.) Be prepared to share some information about yourself, though, starting with your age, status, and email address.

I have to confess that I lied in the status part. I ticked “Separated”. The other choices were Single (never been married), divorced and widowed. I'm neither those things and I don't want to lie and Hubby and I were apart for a while (nothing dramatic) so “Separated” was the safest choice. And yes, I never returned to complete my profile. My bad...
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